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WRJR Affiliates

WRJR is excited to acknowledge our well respected partners.


The magazine for the mover and shaker. Verge is chock full of information on health, beauty, fitness, lifestyle and MORE! Use promo code: wrjrjamz2020 and receive 20% off when you subscribe! Read Verge and Become Inspired!

That Thing You Do Catering

Plan your next event with us TTYD. Check out our rates or check out our delicious menu of specialty dishes, sauces, spices, AND MORE! Click the link below and place your order!

Let's Sea The World

Your next vacation is just a click away! Let's Sea The World is your stop for your next excursion. We have affordable packages and plans to get you there! Click the link below and get started!

Blast FM Social

Ditch the algorithm and socialize HASSLE FREE on Blast FM Social. Sign up for FREE and begin your online social media experience on Blast FM Social. Click the link below and GO!

Taste Of Vine Wine

Rich and full-bodied describes the style of Taste Of Vine wines. Come to the site and create a case for your next social gathering. Click the link below to get started!

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