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About Us

The WRJR Network was created in 2012 with one goal in mind: to bring the world’s most popular music and creative content to the good people of "The WRJR Universe!" Originally, the idea was to set out to fill the void left by our beloved local jazz radio station WJZZ! But with the help of the internet, The WRJR Network has worked hard across the years to keep the jazz legacy in Detroit alive, While provide a quality jazz station and create a unique listening experience for music lovers locally and  across the globe.

Fully Licensed Chart Reporting Station

 The WRJR Network is fully licensed chart reporting station. For a small fee a month your music will be heard throughout the WRJR Universe, Our fanbase spans across the US, Over 100 countries, and has a following of 80,000+ listeners worldwide with the broadcast reach of 46 million! Our station's playlists are reported monthly from The U.S, Canada, & The U.K. to PRONET LICENSING. 

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